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Lower Back Pain?

I know … how original.

I get this really tight feeling lower back pain after standing for 1-2 hours.

Lifting is generally ok - conventional deads are usually no problem, but I often find my lower back burns out with bent over rows, RDLs or GMs - doesn’t last long though & is usually gone by the time I’ve finished the next lift.

I generally spend way too much time sitting down so no doubt that contributes. Tight hip flexors? Hammies?

I’ve just re-read Neanderthal No More I-V and am considering giving that a shot but that seems like a fairly general fix-all (not that that’s a bad thing of course)

Anyway, I figure my situation is VERY common so I was wondering if there are a few typical issues I should really be targeting instead of (or in addition to) NNM?

I too sometimes suffer the lower back pain during heavy back work. However, I notice that it is mostly to do with the angle of my back and the position of my head (neck).

Try keeping your back straight as possible, maybe even arch in a little and always keep your head looking up. Good advise I received once was look at the point on the wall where the ceiling meets. This is also good for squatting. Works for me!! Good luck.

Sart working on the core

side bends
rotational exercises
lots and lots of stretching

I took Spike before I did heavy squats…

i recommend seeing a chiropractor… i have had lower back pain for roughly 5+ years and i finally made the choice to go about 2 months ago after tweeking it again during a working out. they will require you to make 3-4 visits per week for the inital month or so then 1-2 visits per week after. your back will hurt for the first few weeks because of the adjustments being made…but after you will feel a zillion times better…even though it has cost me about 300 in deductables :frowning:

[quote]mikger wrote:
Sart working on the core

side bends
rotational exercises
lots and lots of stretching[/quote]

Agreed. I am no professional, but stretching my hamstrings also for about ten minutes every day has done wonders for my lower back.

Before you go to a doctor I would see a GP. I have scoliosis which is when you spine curves out and back in =(

I asked if I would need to goto a chiropracter but they cant treat scoliosis.

You dont want to spend zillions of chiropracter visits if they are useless.

Just my 2cents.

Thanks for your replies.

My current chiro is level 3 ART and I see him every so often. Fixes things up in about 10 min in a single session. So far it’s mostly been a minor issue with my piriformis. Once the tightness was higher up but was still easily fixed in a single visit - sitting on the table, chin to chest, reaching hand across to opposite knee while he did his ART thing to my back.

Anyway, to cut a long story short(ish) I’m looking for something I can try to prevent the problem before it occurs.

Ideally, I was hoping my situation was common enough that someone could fairly definitively conclude something like - sitting too much + sore back just from standing for an hour = your XYZ must be too tight.

Main thing is I’d like to be able to be able to tackle the problem as systematically as possible rather than try 20 different things all once and (if it goes away) have no idea which one fixed it.