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Lower Back Pain

I get lower back pain when performing certain exercises. I’ve been training for years and perform these exercises with strict technique so I know I have an issue with my lower back. The worst are barbell squats, deadlifts and hack squats. After a few sets I feel what I think is extreme tighness. Stretching out before or in between sets does not seem to help. I find relief in laying down face up on a bench for a few minutes. I wonder if my lower back has extreme tightness where I need a flexibility program for it or is it very weak in comparison to the rest of my body and should exercise my lower back directly. Should I see a chiropractor or sports medicine doctor to see what the problem is? Any feedback would be appreciated or maybe someone has experienced the same problem. Thanks

Consider stretching your hamstrings.
A surprising amount of low back pain is due to tight hamstrings.

Hip flexors 1st. Hamstrings 2nd.

And you know you need to see a professional. I wouldn’t wait for this to fix itself.

i usually stay away from the gym for about 1 week.
my chest can handle bieng sore, but not my back. since it is the base of my torso.
if the pain persits for more than 1 week go see a doctor.
i’ve actually been on crutches after the first couple of months that i started squatting.
i recovered with no problems.