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Lower back pain

I have experienced lower back pain for several years now on/off and decided to finally see a doctor about it. Recently, it has been getting worse. The pain is an aching just above my tailbone, along my spine. I don’t know if the problem stems from bad posture or something else, but I aggravated it two weeks ago doing heavy deadlifts.

I have scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to have him take a look at it since it is covered under my insurance. My question is, is this the type of doctor I should be seeing? This particular doctor specializes in back pain, but I wasn’t sure if I should see him, shell out the cash to see an ART pracitioner, or if there was a different type of specialist I should see. Also, what types of questions should I be asking if I go to the orthopedist? Thanks for the input. Obviously, I don’t see doctors much.

I hurt my Lower back at the end of Dec super setting Squats and Dead lifts. I waited a week but the pain got worse so I went to a Chiropractor. I have never been to on before but I tell you, In less than 2 weeks I was walking normal without pain, and at the end of Jan I was doing Squats again. I swear by this guy he was awesome.

Most ART practicioners are usually also chiropractors (mine is). Maybe you can find someone who does both, and they can make the decision as to what course of treatment you should receive. Also, try reading “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. John Sarno- I was crippled with back pain for a long time, and this book went a long way towards helping me out.

I would go to your orthopedic surgeon and have him recommend a good doctor. I don’t really know too much about ART but from what I have heard on this forum people seems to like it.

Find a chiro who encourages you to keep training. As soon as a doctor says to stop everything and just lie around all day, you know it’s time to find a new guy. The guy I go to is all about your range of motion in everyday activities and freely admits that the training and movement are good for the recovery process. Just something to keep in mind.

I think I am going to see a chiro that some people in my office recommended. He is associated with East Bank Club, a training facility here in Chicago. He treats some current and former NBA players like Patrick Ewing, so I’m sure he actually recognizes that people lift weights. Thanks for all of the advice.