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Lower Back Pain

2 yrs ago i was doin thigh exercise (squats) the rod got stuck n i tried to push it.after 2 days my lower back, hips,legs started paining …now my hips dont pain anymore but my lower back still hurts when i bend or sit without support … i went for physiotherapy i got some relief but it again started paining … pls help me what should i do now i m dieing without gym i cant live without it

The physiotherapist didn’t diagnose you with any injury?

he said that u r suffering from a slip disc …he advised me 1 mnth therapy i followed initially i got some relief but after 2 weeks it returned again after dat i didn’t went for any treatment i do only running … i want to go back to gym but whenever i go my whole back starts paining

There are lots of potential problems you could be having. I don’t know how good of form you do on your squats, but provided that you are trying to use good form, one of the most likely reasons for your back pain is posterior pelvic tilt. Look it up and see if it sounds like what you have. If not, then you might want to go back to your physio and get a better idea of exactly what it is (or go to a different one). It’s hard to guess without pictures.

so should i go for an MRI ?

I don’t know. Maybe? An MRI is meant to help you diagnose where the problem is, but you’ll still have to go to a physio or elsewhere to help you correct it. For example, if you have a damaged L4 disk, then an MRI could be useful in confirming that, but the damaged disk isn’t the problem. The problem is curving your back while you lift or sit. And the reason why you might curve your back could be based on a few different things. So an MRI could be useful, and it may help you identify where the problem is if you don’t already know, but it won’t solve the problem.

ok hatts… i will go for mri but my symptoms suggest dat the pain is of sciatic nature is it curable ? n will i be able to return to gym :frowning:

can an mri show a compresed nerve ?

These are all questions you should’ve asked your physiotherapist.

Exactly. The best that anyone here can do is guess (which I already regret having done). avinash, the smartest thing you can probably do is see a physio again and hopefully they will tell you if you need an MRI. Maybe you need one, maybe you don’t. If you have sciatica, or really anything else, then the best advice you can get is from someone who can watch you move and knows what they are doing.

The cause of lower back pain can be difficult to pinpoint,

I have seen a number of physio’s, chiro’s, and osteo’s regarding my lower back pain and they all can’t give me a straight answer. I have had an X-ray, but have not been sent for an MRI.

At the end of the day I think lower back is ambiguous. One must just do what they can do to avoid things that make it worse and do those things that can make it better, and this can take a lot of experimenting which is probably the most frustrating part of it.


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bird u still go to gym ?

ok hats i will go for an mri … at this time i m taking medicines there has been a little improvement but there is a pain whenever i sit or lift weight in gym

I do, but not at the moment as I re-aggrevated my injury the other day. I haven’t been to the gym for 3 weeks but Im hoping I will be good to go after this weekend.

Does your pain radiate to any other parts? Anything else that aggravates our pain?

How is your mobility routine?


bird my lower back bone pains when on a stool or chair with my back bend frontwards otherwise it doesn’t… after 1 yr i went to gym did sm chest workout like dumble press , all three bemches n all my back started paining again n the pain was moving upwards towards my neck bcoz all the structure is interconnected i did gym for 2-3 days den i didn’t go

can u suggest me some exercises to strengthen my back ?

i cant do push ups all well …i hate my phsique now … i have become a layman from a tough gym aspirant

One whole year is a long time.

I would seek professional help.


the bird … my mobility is fine i have issues with my back when i bend forward or lift weight in gym or i sit for long hours in 1 position a burning sensation starts in my tail bone