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Lower Back Pain


Hi Couch!

From two months I feel sore lower back during sleep. After about 5 hours of sleep my lower back gets stiff and tight so much that I barely breathe normally. I tried to stretch but it does not help. Doctor said that with the spine everything is ok, but I have week abs and some APT. CT could you give me some suggest how to deal with this situation? Haw to make abs and lower back stronger?


@Johny: Obviously I’m not CT, but I would check out the McGill Big Three core exercises (listen to your body though). I really like loaded carries with perfect posture for core strengthening. How is your sleeping posture? How well do you brace your abs before any movement at the gym? How are your lifting mechanics? How is your thoracic extension and rotation (a lack of can cause lumbar problems)?


To save you the time his big three are the modified curl-up, side bridge and bird dog. You may look at these exercises and think wow those are simple and just go through the motions, however the important thing is to breathe right and perform them all to technical perfection. The bird dog especially is quite easy to fly through and quite difficult to perform properly. Also how do you sleep? If you sleep on your stomach, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees and ankles. Or better yet sleep on your back. These positions allow the lumber spine to decompress where as sleeping on your stomach keeps your lumber vertebrae extended and compressed. This can often cause lower back pain.


Hi guys! Thank you for your responses. When it comes to sleeping I never sleep on my stomach mostly on the back occasionally on the side. I will definitly try this core exercises! What I noticed is that the probably my posterior chain is very weak. For example yesterday I perform snatch gripd deadlift and hyperextensions and my back at night feeling very well. After the gym is good but unfortunately i can go only 2 times a week.
For sure I miss the mobility of the thoracic spine also do You know some godd exercises for this?


That’s a good one for all around mobility, give a quick google search into it. There is a lot you can do with a foam roller as well.


m@Johny: The Inside/Out DVD by Bill Hartman & Mike Robertson is an excellent upper body mobility warm up. Super Joints by Pavel Tsatsouline is pretty awesome too. If you don’t have Becoming A Supple Leopard 2nd Edition, I would highly recommend it.

Foam rolling on a peanut (two tennis/lacrosse balls taped together works wonders too) or T-Spine extensions on a foam roller.



change your bed mattress is also a good option.

he made a huge difference for me.