Lower Back Pain

I follow a push/pull/legs routine and ever since adding higher rep trap bar work (6-15) legs days have been an issue. When weight starts to get heavy I get a slight stabbing pain in my lower back right at the waist (right side) I do not feel anything with lunges, BW squats or even lower weight on the bar. I do not know if it is a lower back problem or if it is just to fatigued from the t-bar rows and trap bar work. I train at home so the squat has to be used.

What would be the best solution? Do Legs, Push, Pull, Rest? Push, Pull, rest, legs? Maybe it is a back issue that needs to resolved?

Push / Pull / Legs is my favorite split but there is a problem if you do Bent Over Rows or T Bar Rows on Pull days and then do Trap Bar Deadlifts on Legs day the following day.
Lower back gets fried.

2 ways to get around this are :
-Simply do Legs day before Pull day. So Push / Legs / Pull.
If you still have trouble then:

  • If doing Trap Bar Deadlifts on legs day then don’t do heavy bent over pulls such as T Bar Rows or Barbell Bent Over Rows. Switch it with Dumbbell Rows. Dumbbell Rows take pressure off the lower back.

When you switch T Bar Rows back in then take Trap Bar Deadlifts out of Leg days.

Smart programing is the answer to your problem.