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Lower Back Pain


So im posting this in the bodybuilding forum but if it should be moved please do so.

For a long time I've experienced what im going to call lower back pain, really its not in my lower back. The pain comes from my right buttocks, and its a sharp pain, I've had it for as long as I can remember but since I've began doing alot more truck driving then I have in the past its bothered me more often. If I sit in a chair and flex my right glute; it will pop or crack and the pain only occurs in the right.

The pain is not constant or severe but its slowly becoming worse over time and I fear to deadlift or squat heavy at the risk of hurting something.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas I'd really appreciate it, I did do a search through the forums but failed to find anything helpful but if anyone could find a link or anything at all I'd really appreciate it.

Im 20 and I work in a lumber yard at a building supply store and work as a truck driver, my job mainly involves heavy lifting (packing drywall, lumber, etc.). Im about 5 foot 9 and 165lbs, current lifts are 245bench, 405deadlift and I havent recently maxed on squats but im going to say between 300 and 350 to give some idea.

Again, any info or ideas would be very helpful and appreciated.


If any more info is needed just let me know and I'll post it.


How high/low on the buttocks?

I had problems with my sacroiliac joint a few years ago (saw a chiro and haven't have a problem since) and it
felt like pain in the upper portions of my butt at times.


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The SI joint actually makes alot of sense, I read the wikipedia on it and it sounds like me. But is there any stretchs or exercises that could help it, the chiro in my area isnt known to be the greatest, plus theres the cost so I'd like to give anything a try that could help.

Basically the question is, is there anyway I can repair this joint to take the pressure off of it?


Also I have noticed my right hip is tight, could this be caused by the SI joint?


2 weeks ago I injured my lower back (BBB knows about this) and went to chiropractor to take x-rays and such, turns out my spine was not straight anymore especially the lower parts i think L-5 or s-5? something like that. Anyways, prior to the injury I had that feeling just like you, a pain coming from my right buttocks area and the pain escalated dramatically after my injury (it became so bad that my whole right leg became in pain and I couldn't stand/sit, instead I was crawling around my house). I asked her about the sharp pain I felt in my right buttocks and she said it is caused because my spinal bone was touching one of the nerves, and it won't go away until my spine is properly aligned again.

Anyhow, I would highly recommend going to a chiropractor and get some help. I have been going everyday since my injury and it has helped me tremendously(I still feel it but not as much anymore).


Thats interesting and I'll keep that in mind. I was thinking its more likely an SI joint though and/or an unstable pelvis. I have a pretty big doubt that my spine is out of allignment and the reason why is because scoliosis runs in my family so my doctor checks my spine once a year or so. And I've experienced this pain for as long as I can remember. Also on my mothers side; SI joint issues seem to be common.

I did a quick test by lying on the floor keeping my hips parallel and raising one leg at a time while keeping the knee at 90 degrees and moving my knee in small circles. I found my left side (the pain free side) to do this rather easily. My right side I had a difficult time and my leg shook as I made the motion, this makes me think its a stability issue.

My right hip is also much tighter then the left and I wonder if that is my bodies way of stabilizing the joint? Also I am right handed so naturally I'll carry most objects on my right side.

Any more thoughts? BBB? Funshine?


So yesterday I did a couple of stability exercises on it; laying on my back and doing circles with each knee separatley with my knee shin and hip each at 90 degrees, and lying on my stomach with only my shin raised and doing small circles. Repetitions were 6 reps for each side in each direction for each exercise, so 12 reps total on each leg for each exercise, so only 24 reps in total.

Today it is much more sore and still in the same area, is it normal for it to get worse before it gets better? Am I on the right track or am I screwing myself here?