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Lower Back Pain


For the past week almost I've been working up with pain in my lower back. I suspect its because the mattress on the bed in my prefurnished flat is the same mattress that has been there for twenty years. Would this be a good assumption or is there a better explanation?


Here's how to do a basic evaluation of a mattress firmness:

Does her ass bang on the floor with each hump?

Yes?==>change mattress
No==>keep going


What kind of pain are we talking about here?



I used to get pain in my lower back from squatting heavy without much rest in between sets. I made sure to warm up my hips, and would lie-down in between sets, BOOM, problem solved.


Since I prefer doggy style if her arse was hitting the floor there'd be serious problems.

Also, its a pain in the small of my back that lessens as the day goes on. Except I've had it on rest days and days after doing arm workouts. I'll try and stretch my hips before deadlifting though and see how that helps.


I doubt its your mattress, because the only person I know who gets back pain from how they slept is a huge pussy. And his stiffness goes away at some point during the day, pretty much completely.

Here: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/mobility_drills
is some advice on stretches for hip-mobility.

Then again, if you change your mattress and it goes away... Or maybe just flip it... I mean, more power to you.


I wouldn't go that far =o. I think I'm getting pain in my upper back from my mattress. It almost feels like my spine needs to be readjusted at some point in the day, but it usually gets better by the end of the day.

But my lower back is fatigued after heavy squats or deadlifting. It never used to get so fatigued but I used to do the 5x5 and much less volume than I do now, and my lower back basically poops out after I do anything that taxes it, including jogging around the track for half a mile or playing basketball. I'm going to try some of those mobility drills today and see if they help.

For the op, so does your back actually hurt or is it just sore? Sounds like the former from what you're saying, so do those mobility drills.


Yeah I will try the mobility drills.