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Lower Back Pain

For like the past few weeks i have been having lower back pains like crazy…even when i’m sitting down on a perfectly comfortable sofa…I cant even do barbell curls with a 20 pounds it starts to hurt…
So i heard from people in my gym if ur dosing with a lot of fish oil it hurts as i recently started taking 3 grams a day of fish oil but i didn’t find it very convincing as 3 grams is not a lot…
Any reason why and wat cud i do??
My stats 85 kg 16%Bf
On a cycle of test e 500mg/week

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
How. Many. Times. Must. I. Repeat. This???

Once more at least, it looks like.

Dude, saying ‘my back hurts’ is like saying ‘my leg hurts’, i.e. it’s vague as hell and does NOT provide anywhere near enough info to even begin to help you.

Detailed description please. Location and nature plus aggravating and relieving factors.

And please try to spell and punctuate correctly, since it prevents misunderstandings.


Sorry abt not giving proper details.What I meant was my lower back just above my hips which gives a sharp sort of pain.The only way I find to relive this pain is to lie down,but again once I get up it start to hurt again.