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Lower Back Pain

I was wondering if there are any stretches or exercises that can cure my problem. I can not do any kind of row be it seated, bent over, or t-bar, I also can’t do deadlifts or even heavy bar curls with out feeling the pain.

The pain is located right under the L5 around the top of my glutes. When doing seated rows I feel it all around the L5 area. It does not matter if I go light,even rowing 120 lbs feels weird after a while. I did hurt this area about a year ago doing t-bar rows so not I stick to pull variations and close-grip pull downs.

might be a combination of overactive es or ql. pnf stretching should free this up however may also be a component of rectus abdominus weakness or transverse ab or hip flexors, think of your body as an inverted pendulum somethin that pulls you posteriorly (es of ql) is overpowering structures that stabilize in the anterior plane (rec. ab, T ab, etc.).

you may want too go see a licensed doctor and not ask questions too strangers

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Fly to MA and see Eric Cressey :wink:

worked for me.

till you see someone about it; do a lot of single leg stretching and leg movements

walking lunges
box step ups
psoas marches
overhead lunges

instead of rows; do some pull/chin ups.

good luck, LBP sucks. (Abbrv’s r grt!)