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Lower Back Pain While Standing

I’m hoping someone out there can provide some insight into my problem.

My lower back is killing me…it’s a unique pain as it causes me the most pain when I’m standing - if I sit, or hunch over a bit, it doesn’t hurt - as much. The pain radiates the left side of my lumbar spine, through the right side of my lower back, into my hip, and sometimes into my groin area, specifically my right testicle. I have very little pain when riding a bike, walking, or even playing tennis - in fact, doing those activities helps it to feel better.

I took about 10 days off from lifting, and the pain subsided somewhat, but the pain returned immediately after I hit the weights again. I cannot pinpoint one moment when I did something to cause this pain. The only thing I can think of was that I moved a fire-proof file cabinet from one office to another by pushing it - like pushing a prowler. Basically, I fell asleep one night feeling fine, and woke the next morning in agony.

I went to my PCP, and he said it’s a muscle strain. But I have another appointment with him tomorrow because the pain is not getting any better. Ibuprofen lessens the pain a bit.

I’m a highly active, 40-year old, male who has only had a couple of minor injuries (luckily). I don’t mind taking time off if I know that I will get better…anyone have any insight into what might be causing this?

Maybe piriformis fyndrome? A hernia? Slipped disk?


if it’s a hernia there would be an obvious bulge in the lower abdomen area. hope u get better.

Your back/posterior chain is prolly a little on the weak side (it is for most of us…) Once you get back in the saddle, try doing good mornings. It made a world of difference for me.

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