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Lower Back Pain While Squatting

I hurt the lower-right portion of my back moving into a new apartment. I am puzzled because the pain is not persistent, in fact it stopped hurting morning after accident. However, it pops up now and then, like once when I was playing pool I yelped with pain as it felt like the accident just occurred for the first time. A similar incident occurred when I was playing tennis. I can sort of feel it in the gym when I am doing squats and exercises that are hard on the lower back, and usually cut my set short when this happens.

Can anyone help me? Should I just keep an eye on it, go to a doctor, or stay out of the gym?

Get it checked out… take it easy on it until you know what is going on.

Basically, it’s your back, don’t take chances with it.

Try and find a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, if you can. They are chiropractors, but they also have full doctorates, and I find that they tend to be able to actually diagnose issues like this with much more accuracy.

My DofC does full evaluation tests every few months that measure flexibility of the spine, swelling and trauma around the spine, and puts together an entire readout of problems and their locations. Then he can use that to treat my specific problems, rather than just doing a neck-down cracking and hoping everything goes well.

Be careful with your back until you can get yourself checked out. Do some stretching, and try hanging loose from a pullup bar. Let everything relax and stretch out again.

Good luck.