Lower Back Pain While Sleeping

I would say five nights per week, I wake up with a dull pain in my lower back. It’s not a soreness like you’d get from doing too many deadlifts, just a dull ache with tightness. I can get up and stretch my lower back and hamstrings, and that sometimes helps but now always.

I’ve had this going basically since college but have never seen anyone about it. Has anyone ever had this?? I would say it’s my mattress, but I’ve had this going on for almost six years now (I am only 26 by the way) with several different mattresses.

It’s 2:30 am right now and I’ve got nothing better to do because this thing is keeping me awake right now.

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Thanks BBB. You could be dead on with that. For one, I sit at a desk all day. Secondly, I’ve noticed that as my squat has increased, I’ve gotten tighter in my hips when I squat past parallel.

Do you have any advice or stretches that I could do? Any help is appreciated.

consider exploring some mobility work to help let your body relearn how to move - especially if you sit a lot (so many of us do).

I really like the z-health r-phase/neural warm up 1 package
(here’s an overview begin to dig: What is Z-Health R-Phase: not your daddy's joint mobility)

for starting mobility because it makes sure we go through each joint in the body - and just because something’s tight somewhere doesn’t mean that’s the source of the issue. so full body mobility has great global benefits.

likewise if you want to accelerate your progress, consider seeing a movement specialist who can help you actively work on your movement and get the results laser lighted into exactly what you need for that issue.

pm with location if you need specialist names/recommendations