Lower Back Pain w/ Uphill Cardio

I get lower back pain when running ( and walking fast) uphill. what can i do to prevent this?

  1. Don’t do incline activities (for a while). After a few weeks see if the issue resolves itself.

  2. Depending on the severity and duration of this pain, think about seeing a qualified rehab clinician. How tight is your low back? Do a standing back-bend and see if that produces a similar pain. I bet you are tight and that it will. But it may be wise to find out what it is before you keep exercising with offending movements.

  3. Try light stretching, yoga, or a heat to your back. This may loosen and relax it a bit if you don’t do anything too extreme.

its a slight pain, not so much pain its more like soreness after heavy deadlift, but it happens after 200 meters when i start. it goes away next day but i would like that it doesnt happen at all. i thought it might be bad hip flexibility or something like that

As mentioned stretch the psoas look up Joe Defranco psoas muscle on youtube. Also, you must strengthen your glutes which are most likely weak. Read this article Dispelling the Glute Myth

thanx both of u guys i tried it and it really helped