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Lower Back Pain. Need Input

Around 5 weeks ago I injured my back during my squat session. Prior to the session I had driven 6+ hours and my back was still tight. So I did some extra stretching before hand to loosen up, but it was not enough. On my last set of 5 reps I felt a lower right back pinch on the way up and the pain seemed to continue down to my right quad. Like an idiot I trained through the pain for the rest of the session with 5 sets of 10 @ 50%.

A week later I tried to complete my squat workout but the pain persisted this time on anything above around 70% of my training max. Frustrated I decided to film myself and see what I was doing wrong.

The conclusion I came to was that I was trying to sit back with a high bar squat and that was causing rounding of the lower back at the bottom slightly below parallel. The thing that messed with me was I would aggravate my injury on Monday squat day, feel it a little bit on Wednesday’s bench workout and by Friday deadlifts my back was fine. This went on for about 3 weeks tweaking little things on my squat to fix the problem.

Since then I have transitioned from a high bar to a low bar squat. I am still working on the most comfortable hand position and shoulder mobility as I am 6’3".

The last 2 weeks I have deloaded and done extensive foam rolling, streching, and light work. But the pain still persists when I arch my back to get into my powerlifting bench positon or when Im standing and fully arched.

Any Ideas?

Additional Info.

-Im 20 years old
-working out for a little over a year
-working everyday on low bar squat form
-Just finished my 6th month on 5/3/1 with a double deload
-eating in a 300 cal surplus
-gaining 1.5ish lbs a month

It sounds like a facet joint injury, but without scans and a physical examination it would be impossible to tell you exactly.

Normally if you had not continued to aggravate it, by this time it should be fairly well resolved, but you have continued to irritate it by the sounds.

My suggestion would be to see your GP or a local physio. But in the meantime, stop any compressive loading or loading under end-range extension. That means primarily stop arching your back, for example during benching and stop squatting.

Sounds like a problem with the L1-L2 region going by the pain referral to quad but could be a number of things. Possibly a disc bulge. Could be a pinched nerve due to compressed vertebrae. Could have some sacroiliac joint stiffness as well. May have strained an erector spinae muscle or even quadratus lumborum which can refer pain into the hip flexors (crutch region.)

Obviously if this persists you need to see a practitioner about it. Usually a combination of remedial massage therapy (may be called something else in other countries) and chiropractic can fix this problem.

Don’t keep training with lifts that aggravate the injury.

you said you are working every day on low bar squat form? That’s not a good idea while you’re injured…

in the meantime, strengthen them glutes!

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
you said you are working every day on low bar squat form? That’s not a good idea while you’re injured…

in the meantime, strengthen them glutes![/quote]

Well on off days at the gym I just use the bar. But ya i’m gonna hit my glutes hard.