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Lower Back Pain Help

i have been have back pain for a few mouths no pains run down my legs or any pain when i lift . i would say more tigh and just need to be strethed out which i do , but it comes back after a bit. any help thanks

not to be rude but could you give some more details and write more clearly?

you might have pinched something,maybe you are doing an excercise wrong and are pulling a muscle over and over…

Well I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you could try reading Chek’s articles on back pain


You may have to read them a few times but they’ve got some really good info.
For most people sore backs don’t come from weakness in the lower back itself, but the lower back trying too hard to overcomphensate for other muscles. In many cases the glutes are weak and the hipflexors and hamstrings are too tight. Until you get the glutes functioning properly you can stretch all you want but the muscles will just get tight again. But this is just a for-instance, it could be a problem with the glutes, abdominals or even the lower back itself. You might want to take some more notes on the symptoms and post it in one of the injury threads.