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Lower Back Pain, Help!


Im 19 and ive been training since january so about 10-11 months ive gone from 65-84kg in that time and just the other day i was going to start my first german volume program.

My chest and back day was d/b bench and was going to use overhand pull down for my back but since it was busy down there yesterday i tried to replace it with bent over wide grip row after the 5th set i couldnt continue my lower back started to give way so i did what i could to salvage the workout and finished the last five back excercises on the pull down.

Today i went down for legs. Squats and leg curls but my lower back just acted up real bad and i just came home defeated because i didnt want to continue on and hurt myself (i feel like a girl but i think it was the right thing to do)

I was just wondering does it sound like strain from the wide grip bent over row? I was going to go down tomorrow and try the leg day again since i only got 3 sets of squats and leg curls done today.

Any advice?

I'd appreciate any help i've been reading the forums since i started but this is the first time ive needed to actually make a post!

oh if it helps im 6'0


You did the right thing by not risking yourself to injury. Being unable to train at all is worse for gains than training reasonably. Anyways can you describe the pain (muscle, localized on a certain part of your back, nerve injury where you feel your nerves firing from your back down to your legs etc...)? Analyze your posture to see if it has anything to do with it, your lower back may be excessively flat when standing in neutral and being flat or rounding over or when doing bent over rows or at the bottom of the squat position. Or you may have anterior pelvic tilt.


In addition to describing the pain better, I am wondering what you are doing with a chest and back day when you have less than a year of training under your belt. That kind of split probably isn't the best for a beginner. Oh, and how's your hip and t-spine mobility? If you can't answer this question by outlining what you do for a warmup, then I think we know the real cause of your back pain.


Hey guys thanks for the replies!

For a warm up on a day like that i do a rotator cuff warm up very light and just some stretching!

I my split used to be 4 day split

day 1- Legs
day 2 Chest
day 3 off
day 4 back
day 5 arms and shoulders

But now i started German volume training! I did a little research and asked a trainer i know down the gym who suggested i was not engaging my core