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Lower Back Pain, Good Morning'ed Squat


So i believe i good morning'ed a squat and strained my lower back. My very first warmup set i went heavier than usual and ended up hurting my back by doing a good morning. I was rushed that day and thought i could cheat a little and go heavier on the first set, never have i've done that before and what ya know, i get hurt. I do plenty of warmups and activations prior to squatting so that wasn't a factor.

That was about 4 weeks ago and it's gotten better but there's still that nagging dull pain when i bend over without bending my knees or putting on my shoes while sitting. There's no pain standing, walking or laying down. I've not worked out while i recup to let it heal fully but i'm itching to get back into the gym to do exercises that i can do without using my back. I've been doing plenty of stretching for my back specificlly the mcKenzie press to help with the acute pain.

anyone else suffered this type of injury or know if this strain will eventually go away? Thanks in advance.


From the sounds of it you put a good strain on that lower back, being off four 4 weeks prolly made some things tighter while other got better. Your hamstrings, IT bands your performis, work- them out, workout the muscles running up your back ...when I say workout strecth hard, use a lacrosse ball on those muscles, a foam roller..maybe go get re-aligned.. Hope you get better my friend.


Thanks and you're absolutely right about other things have gotten tigher during the injury. It's been 6 weeks and the lower back pain is gone but the sciatia muscle and spinal erector is sore/tight but I stretch it and should be better soon. But I'm near 100% so that's great. All the other muscles are ready to go!