Lower Back Pain from Deadlifting

Mid of last year I screwed my back up deadlifting but it mostly went away and I just had mild soreness deadlifting after that. Then I took a month or so off because I moved and deadlifted and my back felt pretty sore but today I deadlifted with a trap bar did some warm ups and did a lighter set of about 300 and on the third rep my back began to hurt so I stopped.

I did some more exercises and went home and now my back is hurting way more. I threw some aspirin down and iced it but that didnt help much. I put my belt back on my waist and its not hurting as bad and I can sit without wanting to scream now. I was just wondering if I should see a doctor or not. I would prefer not to because I am pretty broke. Or will I feel fine most likely or just wait a couple days?

I dont think I need help with this now since went to the doctor who gave me pain meds and told me to come back for help if the pain doesnt get better… Still got some pain in my back but its going down. i think all back to the gym by next week if I can bend my back without pain. Although probably going to stop dead lifting tired of breaking my back.