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Lower Back Pain from Back Squats and Pistols

I have a history of lower back strains. Between L4 and L5 for anyone curious. However, I notice that it only flares up when I BACK squat. (or pistol squats). I can front squat all day, deadlift, snatch, etc. Anything. 1RM and I’m fine. Only when I back squat do does it cause an injury. I don’t really understand why? I’m guessing it could do with hamstring flexibility or back rounding (butt wink). I would expect to be injured from front squatting too though. Anyone else experienced pain with back squatting but not front squatting?

It’s pretty common. Many authors, coaches and lifters from soccer moms, to the NBA/NFL and the Worlds Strongest Man have talked about problems with back squat and front squat as the solution.

That’s basically what I’ve been doing. Front squat and deadlift and practically stopped regular back squats so I’m at least healthy and not in pain. Sad…

Training, and making progress while being healthy and not in pain doesn’t sound sad to me.