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Lower Back Pain During PCT


Just finished up my test enanthate only cycle, took two weeks and a few days off and started my PCT. maybe it’s a coincidence but I’ve started experienced lower back pain. Now, I’m the past, when I was on cycle, I had some bicep tendon pain and it turned out to be because of low estrogen due to me taking too much AI.

So am I taking too much for PCT? I was advised to take 75mg of clomid daily and 40mg of tamoxifen daily for the first week and then for the next three weeks it’ll be 50mg clomid and 20mg Tamo daily.

I’m a beginner so many I’m essentially doing the same thing and blocking my estrogen completely. It’s just so weird that it was biceps tendon only and now it’s lower back only. If anybody has any input, please let me know.

P.s. I would really appreciate people who have actually done a cycle to give me some advise, not recycle some Wikipedia info. I need serious advise.

Nolva and Clomid won’t block estrogen production, so there’s no worry of driving e2 too low. Depending on how low your e2 was on cycle, maybe it’s taking time to come back up?

You are taking way too many mg’s of SERMs. 50mg of clomid, 40mg of Nolva (that’s one or the other not both), for the first week. Then lower to 25mg Clomid or 20mg Nolva for the other weeks. Also I would run PCT for longer than 1 month. Go by how you feel you are recovering, rather than by a pre set time. You may need 6-8 weeks or more.

Whilst I can’t guarantee the high levels are causing your back pain. High levels won’t tank your estrogen production, like an AI but it will effect the bodies ability to take it up, and you can definitely get sides that are related.

I read how many people go about their test only cycle without any AI whatsoever. I was suggested to take Arimidex at 0.25 to 0.5mg every other day. I read about it and it seemed to be too much and caused me a great deal of bicep tendon pain. I stopped it outright and finished my cycle without any AI after the first week or two, with no issues that I know of. No gyno.

Hm. Interesting. As far as dosage I was advised to take both because they work together somehow and I assumed the dosage was also based off my test dosage during cycle which was 500mg/week (two injections). Some would say this is high so maybe that warrants a higher PCT dosage? By the way I’m 25 if that matters at all. Not actually 50 if that affects how long my PCT should be, just noticed it says I’m 50 lol.

500mg is a moderate dose, so it doesn’t warrant anything too special for PCT.

Whether you are 25 or 50 you should tailor your PCT to your recovery, how you feel, and if your blood test says you are back in normal range.

Yeah I did a blood test like a day after I started PCT. I’ll see how my test levels are doing after not injecting for two weeks and like 3 days (wanted to start PCT on a Monday and my last injection was Thursday night). I’d assume they should be low but tbh I haven’t felt different in any way during that cycle. Now, I was kinda cutting @ a very low 1600kcal/day which is pretty much my BMR. My theory was that my metabolism won’t flop because of all the test. Bottom line is that I didn’t feel any different except for I guess I could lift as much as I usually do even at such a deficit but apart from that - nothing. No motivation boost, no energy, no crazy sex drive. Weird. My bloodwork showed >50 pg/ml free test and >1500 ng/DL total test. I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. Needless to say I was kinda disappointed with the whole ordeal.

Going off what you said tho, I may as well not do any PCT cause even now I feel fine I don’t feel any different. Now I did started eating more which I probably why I can sustain my lifts but apart from that mood-wise nothing’s changed.

Give it a couple more weeks, and see how it goes re PCT, you probably still have some residual exogenous test in your system. You may get a drop in libido.

Regarding how you felt during the cycle, its not unusual. I never got really crazy strong just on test. Yes strength did increase, and so did size but I was underwhelmed with my first cycle too.
I get better results from a base of test, and stack it with EQ. Joints feel smoother, and the strength surge is much stronger. People react differently to the same drugs, that’s why you need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

Cool, gotcha. Idk if I’ll experiment again, I was mostly doing it as an experiment but I’d like to hear your i out on other compounds and combinations. What would you recommend? Not sure what bass or EQ are tbh, I haven’t researched every steroid compound abbreviation. Still a newbie to this lol. I heard Arnold didn’t even take much to get big and one of the things he took was Anavar I think, no?

Base is just a test base to allow for some aromatization, not too much that will cause problems like gyno. It can be any form of test. For me I like no more than 125-250mg/week, because too much test give me hairloss and acne.

The rest of mgs for a cycle is made up of steroids of that have a lower androgenic rating than testosterone. For me I use EQ, which is short for Equipoise(Boldenone).

Arnold probably didn’t take much compared to todays guys. He probably would have been on what was considered a pretty high dose at the time though. He had access to pharma quality steroids. Most popular steroids in his day were Deca, and dbol. Arnold is also known for using Primobolan, which was considered the highest quality, safest steroid of the time.

He may have used anavar I don’t know. Real anavar is good(often substituted with winstrol in UGLabs), so if you can get it give it a go.

Only try one new steroid at a time, otherwise you won’t know which substance is causing trouble if you get bad side effects.

Not sure if you were done test only cycle but even with test + other steroid, did your test completely plummet at the start of PCT or not really? I was also taking HCG which was supposed TI keep my natural test going somewhat.

Whether its just test or a stack once the testosterone leaves your system, and your natural testosterone production is still low. I got reduced libido, sometimes loss of morning wood for a couple of weeks until my balls started doing their duty.

I have never taken hcg, but I assume it should lessen the time and severity of any problems.

Did you get your bloodwork done to see where your test was at, and if so, did the numbers reflect how you felt (loss of libido) or the numbers were fine but you still didn’t feel it?

I never get bloodwork done until I have done PCT, and feel like I am reasonably recovered. I just use it to confirm that I have sufficiently recovered.