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Lower Back Pain and Dead Lifts


I've been following Eric Cressey's Maximum Strength program to a T and seen some great results.
However, I always experience quite a bit of lower-back pain after performing deadlifts (whether it;s sumo or conventional). Is this a sign that I have a weak core?

I don't take any "unusual supplements" and I've been lifting with correct form for 2+ years. I have no idea what to do as I've tried going for physiotherapy and it hasn't helped.

Is it typically to be really sore (for at least a couple days) after I deadlift heavy? (My one rep max is 425 lbs if that helps).


LOL, yes, particularly if you aren't eating as much as your body is asking for.


a lot of people find they are stronger using hip extension rather than knee extension on deadlifts so they underutilize knee extension and end up with lower back fatigue and underdeveloped legs. basically turning it into a stiff-legged or straight-legged deadlift rather than really getting the legs involved and using knee extension till the bar clears the knees.

you might possibly have lumbar arch issues, too.

vids would help. preferably side-on.


Vids would def be nice to evaluate form, but of the same opinion as countingbeans. When I deadlift heavy, my LB is very sore for a day or two, especially when I am dieting. I've taken to eating more foods high in Omega-3's and extra doses of Flameout on days (and the day after) I deadlift or squat heavy.


I'm always sore too. But, I recently video'd my form and found my shoulder to far forward, throwing alot more work to my back. As I've worked to fix that, the lower back is MUCH happier (and I've added a good chunk of weight to the bar).