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Lower Back Pain After Squatting and Deadlifting

Because of a tight schedule, I can only go to the gym to lift heavy once a week,and that’s the day I squat and deadlift. In the last 3 weeks I’ve discovered that my lower back has been seriously in pains for like 2 to 3 days then everything gets back to normal again. At times the pain is excruciating,and I’m not sure if it is a muscular issue. I think it may just be that I’m overworking my back, but then I’ve seen people who can squat and deadlift in one workout.

My 13 year old brother says he thinks my abs are week, though I don’t know where he got that idea from,I think I’ll just let go of the deadlift for now,and make that one day my squat day. So my question is basically this? would my squatting and deadlifting on the same day be causing back pains,or it could be more serious reason, like lower back weakness.

Im just gonna say video your form from multiple angles if you arent already.

It could be a problem with your form. I have had good experiences before with squatting and deadlifting heavy on the same day.

Possibly tight hips flexor musculature causing a pelvic tilit… YouTube search modified Thomas stretch and have ur brother assist you… Posted videos of your form

Thanks for the reply,I will get a video next week