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Lower Back Pain After Removing Some Wall

Hi all, 2 years without a ciggarette, and nearly 2 years lifting, I’ve ground to a halt. The houses in the estate where I live, have a wall divideing the living room and dining room. In this wall are usually 2 doors, however, ours were removed and the wall opening, bricked up. My wife wanted it opened, so out came my bolster chisel and lump hammer and down came the bricks. I must tell you that these bricks are a thermal block and are not heavey, compared to the outdoor kind that make a wall for a yard, say.

I had to shovel the broken rubble out of a window, the least messy way to get rid of it, so our 8 month old rugrat could get back to her crawling:)

Now, 2 days later, and my back is playing me up. This lower back pain, has given me grief throughout the years. I’ve abused it by lifting more than I should. Carrying things with 2 men is a pain, if I can manage by myself, I would.

Anyway, part of the reason why I lift, is to help my back. I do a T Nation routine that combines size and strength training, Heavy upper monday, light lower tuesday, wednesday off, light upper Thursday, heavy lower friday, saturday and sunday off. Compound excercises like squats and deadlifts are featured. I’ve been doing this for 5 weeks and was making progress, now I can hardly reach down to put my socks on. (I’m not laid up neither, if I get back ache, I like to keep moving).

It feels like my lower back muscles are inflamed are the inside, but I don’t feel heat or swelling when I reach round with my hand. I belive its just strain, but would have thought my excercising would have helped.

Can anyone suggest anything to help improve my lower back? I want to keep with my routine if poss,Lifting the weights never causes back pain. I’d say mostly being bent over for any length of time, washing my hair, by bending over the side of the bath causes it!

Hope I provided enough info.


PS US readers-Congrats on your new President

I get that too. The only thing I can think of for it is high rep low weight work. I can’t even wash dishes for any length of time because being bent over the sink gets uncomfortable.

I think the large muscles are taking over and the deeper postural muscles are weakening. My back is really strong for deadlifts, but unable to support my own torso weight when bent over for more than a minute.

The only thing for it is to assume those uncomfortable positions more often - or so I reason. Time to bring the kettlebell swings back in the rotation.

I have been lifting 3 years with lower back pain. I am 55 and hurt my lower back when i was 21. I do all the lifts that aren’t supposed to be done with lower back problems. I do deadlifts, squats, good mornings, etc. What i do is lift with very strict form and try not to impress myself with how much i can lift.

Actually have read some good articles on here that talk about strength, and muscle gain with techniques other than just piling on weight. My lower back and my right shoulder give me much less problems now than when i was in my 20’s. Did i mention i love this site.

Oh yeah i do my squats with my back to a swiss ball and with dumbells. I know! I don’t squat 3 or 4 hundred lbs, but my legs are bigger, my back is stronger, and almost no pain so what. Oh almost forgot when i started lifting 3 years ago i could only bench 60 lbs. because of shoulder pain.

I now bench 200 lbs, and could max out with more but for me it’s steady as she goes. Before i just add more poundage i jack up my rep. count and even change to another exercise before i just try to max out. Hope this helps and good luck.


you can try some of these exercises
there are some great articles on this site
about them but here are some videos.

I found these help me…(every workout)
more then say banding forward or twisting
at the hips.

cat camels

bird dogs

hope these help

stretch and strengthen your core. i could not tie my own shoes for 2 years from back pain. i went from the best shape of my life to the worst in those 2 years. i have rebuilt my body and am now stronger than i ever was everywhere except my legs. i am working on that and soon will be stronger than ever there too. generally if u have problems bending forward, u need to stretch the other way. sleep on your stomach if possible and see if that helps any.


the push up stretch helped me the most

Thanks guys, I couldn’t wait I took some anti inflammatory drugs, the pain has subsided.

I will start some excercises to see if I can improve things. I thought I had, because my back has been good for ages.

Thankyou for your replies.

Keep liftin:)