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Lower Back Pain After DLing 30% of 1RM


My best deadlift is 2.5x my bodyweight (180kg at 70kg). But recently deadlifting has caused me some lower back pain / soreness. So I decided to strip the weight down to 50kg to concentrate on technique, and focus on lifting using my glutes and squeeze them as hard as possible. But this didnt help, and I still had 3 days of soreness after lifting.

 Im pretty certain my technique is almost perfect at such a low weight, so do you think the problem is inactive glutes and tight hamstrings and hip flexors? (I definetly have some anterior pelvic tilt). Like I said I tried my hardest to squeeze my glutes, but in the bottom position I squeezed them as hard as I could and felt no contraction at all.

Also when concentrating on technique and working hard to keep my shoulders over the bar I really felt my middle back working hard. I have a poor head forward posture. Any thoughts on this?

Cheers guys


Maybe try strengthening your lower back with back extensions, SLD's, good mornings, etc. Also, think you made a typo on your deadlift, because 2.5x @ 70kg is 175kg, not 108.


Cheers Dez, ive corrected that, it was meant to say 180kg @70kg


Reverse hyper type exercises are my goto when my back gives me problems (I don't have a reverse hyper so I hook up my leg to a cable and 'kick' backwards while leaning on something). Also foam roll your hips and hip flexors, stretch, and work on mobility.


show us a video if it's possible deadlifting


If your back is hurt now you'll need to give it time to heal again before you start to deadlift again, at which point you;ll have to correct whatever form issues caused the back pain in the first place


x2 Use recovery methods. What I do is like I said above. Also taking aleve regularly for a little while. Fish oil and glucosamine.