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Lower Back Pain After Deadlifts


So today is back day, and Istarted with two sets of deadlifts. I went up by 5 lbs from last week (to 375), and on the first rep I heard a crack and could only pull 2 more reps on that set (I did 5 last time) and nothing on the next one. Afterwards my lower back hurt and I couldn't do the other lower back lifts in my routine and just did upper shit.

It still hurts to round it. I think I rounded my back some on that first rep.

Is this something I should seriously worry about? It's not searing, terrible pain, just pain as if I just did a lot of heavy lower back stuff. Is there anything I could do to increase recovery (I'm doing legs on friday and would especially like to be better by then)? What are your thoughts?


where did the cracking noise come from? You may have herniated a disk.


not sure. Ithink the way lower part of my back


Don't diagnose just yet.

Get yourself assessed. Maybe you just tweaked a glute or something.


should I go to a doctor about it or wait a little while and see if it clears up? Keep lifting as normal otherwise (unless there's pain)?


You heard a crack THEn continued??

Not too smart. Lay off for a while.


seems like it's more of a muscle/tendon thing than bone thing, it's not localized to the bone. I had no problems/pain with chest day and spent some time in a jacuzzi and that helped soothe it a bit. Hopefully should be fine soon. Probably by next week, hopefully by leg day friday (if not I'll just skip it).