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Lower Back Pain After Deadlifts, What to Train?

I maxed dedalift on saturday, my back was sore for some days but nothing new, as it was a max my form broke down a bit, but today I did some speed deadlifts (135 lbs for not that many reps) and now I have back pain, its not soreness, its pain, I think its nothing too bad because i can walk and do every movement with a tolerable pain, but what should I do? 0 deadlifts and squats until im perfect?

Don’t lift until your back feels better, learn to deadlift properly INCLUDING bracing your abs, and don’t max out for no reason at all.

Dont lift nothing at all? I mean, I benched without problem, bicep curled, etc, the pain is not much at all, its just a little bit anoying. but unusual still.

No lower body lifts. If you have a lacrosse ball or some other small hard ball (baseball or something similar, even a tennis ball if you have nothing else) then try rolling out your lower back and glutes with that. Lay on the floor with the ball between you and the floor. You can try digging into your hip flexors with your fingers or some other object, that might help too. This is assuming that it isn’t a spinal injury, if none of this helps then maybe go see a doctor if it doesn’t get better in a few days.


Not much info supplied so you could be this close to being paralysed or just have a strain of your spinal erectors.

In all likelihood its just a small strain. Follow RICER until symptoms chill out then gradually return to full activity. Have a think about why you got injured so you can avoid it in the future e.g. being a dumbfuck and maxing out randomly, poor form / form breakdown, inadequate warm up, lifting in a fatigued state etc.

Sounds like a sprain more likely than not. As others have said, stay out of the gym and rest a few days, try some NSAIDs. The sky won’t fall if you take a few days off to try to let it heal. If the pain doesn’t resolve, get yourself to a good sports doctor. When you are ready to lift again, like chris_ottawa said, learn proper bracing. It makes a huge difference.

English is not my main language, what is the meaning of bracing? its like flexing the abs?

That’s part of it. It involves using a deep breath in combination with activating the core muscles in order to create a strong and stable core. Here’s a good video on the topic:

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