Lower Back Pain After Deadlifting

I took a few weeks off training due to other commitments, but when I started again I had lower back pain the day after doing bent over rows which took over a week to fully heel - I think I compromised form when lowering the bar to the floor after the set, so now I rack the bar on a power rack so I don’t have to bend over so much.

The pain went completely - I used to be able to deadlift around 130kg, but as it was my first deadlift workout for a while and because of the back injury I decided to go very light in the first week, so went upto 90kg… My back was ok and I had no issues, this was last week, my next deadlift workout was yesterday, I went upto 110kg and after the workout I felt a sharp pain n my lower back on the left hand side. I could barely get out of bed, and bending over to change my clothes after I showered was a real struggle.

Again I think this may have something to do with my form when lowering the weight-
I’m too conscious of making sure I don’t round my back when I’m lifting the bar and putting it down, also on the way down I’m worrying about scrapping my shins so I guess I’m trying to keep my back arched while also trying to scrape my shins - or it might just be that I need to build up my strength slower and use less weight.

Has anyone else had this problem with their lower back? Are there any excercises I can do to help it heal quicker and also to prevent this happening again?

I had the same problem last year. I’m almost sure it’s a dics issue. Your form can be good all along, but this shit still happens. I never had my back examined unfortunately. I just went on with my training, but I guess it was a mistake - it went worse from workout to workout. I wouldn’t ignore it - just go to the doctor, diagnose it, let it heal the best way you can do.

When you’re fine - be strict with form. Consider high volume training - I wish have done that.

You should get it checked out by a doctor but I agree with thorax that it does sound like a potential disc issue. I herniated a disc deadlifting back when I wasn’t as knowledgeable about how to lift correctly. Even if you do know what’s going on, we’re all bound to get injured one day.

Even if it is a herniated disc though, don’t count yourself out from deadlifting. It was a long road of recovery but I do WAY more weight now with a herniated disc than I did when I didn’t have one. If anything, the pain has forced me to learn pretty strict technique.

Hopefully you aren’t trying to lower the weight super slow. That’s going to open up a lot of room for an injury.

If you want to try a test to see if you have a potential herniated disc you can try the slump test on your own (Slump Test - YouTube). It is a test for neural tension. Essentially you sit on the end of a table, round your back, tuck in your chin, and slowly straighten one leg. If you feel tension in your hip or down your leg, then you have some neural tension there which may be a result from the herniated disc coming in contact with the nerve. Again though, you need to be seen by a doctor so they can do all of the proper assessments. You back is important so don’t short change it.

Good luck.

I have disc issues. To be honest, I’ve avoided normal deadlifts for 6 years now. I still with trap bar deadlifts.

However, I think you can deadlift again, if you work on your form. I’ve just been reluctant to try.