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Lower Back Pain After Deadlift

Hey guys
I wonder if someone dealt with similiar pain that can give me insight on what it might be or how to rehab it.

One month ago when i was on my last deadlifting rep i felt like i tear something in my back. The pain was parallel to my spine on my lowerback situated around the iliac crest. It is a deep pain like a thread that allways on. The next day i couldnt move at all. One month after i can move around but the pain is still there the problem is that it get worst when im sitting or lean foward sitting. Before running helped but not anymore.
I went to the doctor and took an X ray but didnt show anything.
I tried deadlift and didnt seems too bad for my pain but Squats made it way worst. Tried stretching but it seems to allways get worst when i have to bend fowared or sitting.

Anyone can give some advice?

It sounds like you strained your erector spinae muscle on one side of your spine. X-rays don’t reveal tissue injuries.

What have you done to rehab the injured area? Tissues have to heal but you can help speed it up by doing the right things. You can prolong it by doing the wrong things (or by doing nothing).

Seek out a physical therapist or chiropractor type Dr that specializes in treating muscles.

The erector muscles keep your back from flexing forward while you’re standing, walking, squatting, etc. Reaching forward with a strained erector would probably aggravate it. Strained muscles don’ike to be stretched (and shouldn’t be).

For the record, this is what I pictured when you described your problem.

Hey thanks for the reply
At the start i stopped because was hard to move. Then i focus more on seated exercises with upright back that dont pressure my lower back.
Recently i’ve watched an alan thrall video

And i decided to try some lifts.
Deadlift very light didnt feel disconfort but not sure if could make it worst.
Squat and overhead was the worst.
At the moment im focusing on static ab work and glutes.
Guess ill stop streching for now and focus more on foam roal my legs and back.

I read something by Bill Starr some time ago on low back injuries. Loook it up, it may be onnstarting strength. Essentially it was super high rep good mornings with nothing but a broomstick.