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Lower Back Issues/Impinged Nerves

After some severe pain this week I went to a doctor and found out that my spine essentially sucks. A few lower vertebrae are rotated slightly causing impinged nerves, I have no curvature in my neck, a slight herniation, and generally my spine looks like someone that is 50+ (I’m 25). The chiropractor recommended not lifting (most doctors would), generally I don’t listen to doctors about things like that and simply try to find ways to work around it.

It seems to me as though there might be some pain from various movements due to the impinged nerves but that it’s not going to make my issue worse than it is. I’ll be doing physical therapy and chiropractic sessions (60 of them from now until end of year) to help fix this issue hopefully and am wondering if anyone has experience with working around something like this or through something like this. Any advice?