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Lower Back is Wasted!

I didn’t really know what forum to post this in and I already posted it on another site but some of the most knowledgable guys around are on this site so here goes.

A few weeks ago I seemed to have hurt my back while lifting a barbell to do Shrugs. I normally pay close attention but had an apparent brain fart and am now paying dearly for it. The pain started out as a moderate intense pain and kinda just persisted for awhile. It seems to be generated from the lower right side of my spine just up from my tailbone and I’d describe it as a kind of burning throbbing pain wich gets sharp and more intense for short periods of time.
Saturday I was working on my truck and was moving a small box of bolts, maybe 10 to 15lbs. I bent over to set them down almost at ground level and BAM!!! This incredible pain hit me and I fell straight to the ground without even thinking about it. It was like my entire body just failed at that exact instant. Well I laid on the ground for a few minutes and pondered yelling for someone but my pride didn’t like that idea so I got myself up. The pain was only for an instant but the nagging throbbing pain was now worse than it was before. I hobbled into the house and scrounged up some Robaxin and took it. This lessened the pain somewhat but I have been in a fair amount of pain ever since this happened.
I will be making an appointment to see a chiropractor to get an initial idea on what exactly the problem is. I will not get any adjustments made until an X-Ray or CAT scan is performed. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

Do any of you recognize this type of injury and have any ideas on how to fix or begin repairing it. I have been doing very light lower back excercises since it happened but my oly lifts are almost out of the question. Squats and Deads are very very light, almost just practicing the movement with a light weight just for slight resistance. I’m not even sure If I can do that now. I’ve been trying to stretch some by laying flat on back and pulling my knees one at a time alternating into my chest. Laying down and taking weight of my spine is the only thing that lessens the pain. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I believe that the majority of responses will be for you to get some ART (Active Release Technique). I haven’t used it myself, but I have looked into it since I heard about it on this site, and as long as it is a muscle injury (and I can’t see it being anything else) then ART should help fix that right up.

I also suffer from lower back pain in the exact area you described. What has helped me the most in the past are two things 1) stretching 2) applying heat to the affected area

When I say stretching, I mean really concentrate and make stretching a priority. Hip flexor stretches have been the most effective, but hamstrings and glutes should also be focused on.

When you are taking a shower, direct the water to the area of your back that is troublesome, and turn the temperature up to a bearable level. Then just stand there for five minutes, or until the area is nice and pink. (careful not to burn yourself!)

But I strongly recommend reading Ian King’s Out of Kilter article series. They were a tremendous help to me.

I feel your pain man.

could be a pinched nerve… maybe a disc impinging a nerve, i dont know, just throwing out some suggestions…

Why are you asking a bunch of strangers on a forum how to help you? Get your ass over to a professional as soon as possible and get it checked out.

I had ART done on my low back and it only helped temporarily. Not a permanent fix and I don’t have the $$ to go all the time.

But your injury might be different. I’ve learned to work around my low back. Basically rest was the short-term answer but you should get it checked out.


I will definatly be getting it checked out by a professional this week. I was just seeing if others had had similar injuries and what worked for them. Thanks