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Lower back injury

While doing squats my back gave out, which resulted in extreme back pain. (I could hardly get dressed by myself). Anyway I would like to continue working out but I cannot think of any good exercises to replace rowing movements, which I cannot do (PAIN). What would some good exercises be? Keep in mind when I first get up I cannot not bend over at all, it gets a bit better during the day however. Also about how long shall I expect to recover? Thanks in advance.
(p.s. don’t say go see a doctor, because the doctors in my town will just tell me to stop working out until I’m all better)

go see a doctor. you could potentially have a very serious injury that could lead to a permanent disability.

that said, just because they tell youn to stop, doesn;t mean you have too, you are big boy that make your very own decisions, but you make those decisions based on all the facts you can gather, which getting a assessment from a doctor would include.

If it hurts, don’t do it till it stops hurting.

If you pulled a muscle, expect 2-4 weeks of pain, if you strained a ligament, expect as many as 12 weeks(my injury was strained ligaments which take forever and a day to heal). If you pinched a nerve, it’s variable, if it’s disc, who knows.

Go see a Chiro. I had the same thing happen to me, I could barely move becuase of the pain, He had me moving and working again in about 4 visits.

I second Phat. Go see a chiropractor. A good one will take x-rays and refer you to an MD if necessary, and could have you feeling great in three or so visits.

When you’re in recovery, you might try a rowing machine that supports you in the chest and ab area, taking the strain off your back.

Good luck! Just got over a back injury myself…