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Lower Back Injury


Hi guys,

a few months ago while doing C&J I started feeling a lot of "pressure" in my lower back region. During first few days it felt as if there was a "stick" in my lower spine not allowing my spine to bend back. With a lot of stretching the "pressure" went away. a few days ago I decided to try and C&J again. Worked my way up to around 70kg and suddenly felt a slight pinch in the same area.

I believe it is the case of spinal discs being "squeezed". This ocurred because I am a tall guy and often tall guys have got "curvy" backs. (I have s slight hump in my upper back). Currently I am trying to get myself in a more straight and neutral position, pushing my head forward and my shoulders backwards, "pulling inside" pelvic region when catching the bar, so that my spine would not be so bent. I wondered if any of you guys had a similar problem and how you dealt with it.This problem occurs only when I raise my arms up. I do back and front squats everyday and have no issues.

P.S. I don't have any problems when snatching, but that's because during snatch you catch the bar behind your head, whereas in C&J it's in the front. Thanks for any input.


even for jerk it should be back. i do have a lot of lower back issues. foam rolling helped me a lot. try to get that shoulder flexibility. always behind the head when you jerk. thats what i was told. train smart man around your injury


I had the same pressure in my lower back for a couple of months from squatting. I would get a monthly massage and I started to stretch more. Also, I've laid off the back squats for about 3 months. It sucks, but my back feels as good as new. I would suggest maybe going to a chiropractor and getting a massage once a month. Hope everything works out bud.


tall guys have curvy backs??

do you mean you have a stoop?


what does your front squat look like?

are you bottoming out your squat / losing tension in the hole when you catch your cleans?


you know, when your back just rounds up at the top, rather than being comletely straight. Not much, just a little bit. My squats and cleans are ok. I dont feel any pain doing them (and I squat twice a day). The slight pressure/pinching ocurrs only when I jerk or shoulder press with a NOT STRAIGHT back.


shoulder mobililty then. you should be able to raise your arms over your head without it throwing out your back posture. google search this site and you will find some good stuff on how to get that shoulder mobility.