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Lower Back Injury While Benching


Hi, i injured my lower back 2 days ago while leaning back to do decline bench press. I did 140kg squats 5 sets 5-7 reps with deadlifts 130kg 4 sets 6-8 reps with no problem at all. Then 2 days later on chest day all i did was lean down on a decline bench to get ready to do a set and i felt a pull in my lower back. There was no real pain until i got back from gym, the pain now is pretty bad.

I did shoulders yesterday and will be doing arms tomorrow, am wondering what i should do about healing this injury so i can get back to doing squats and deadlifts. I dont get how i injured it while just leaning back to do bench, its pretty retarded! This is worst lower back injury i have ever had but i haven't had many. How long should i wait before doing squats and deadlifts again and at what weight should i start at? I want to maintain my strength and size without any atrophy if possible. I feel like its gonna be at least 1 week before doing them again and that's probably just wishful thinking.


Well gonna do squats again tomorrow unless some one tells me otherwise because pretty much all the pain is gone.


I've felt my disc move on the deadlift couple of times and been suffering pain for all week(this is dating back last summer). I took a balsy approach and decided to squat on the scheduled date. surprisingly after the session the pain went away, it seemed to have put my disc adjusted back.:slight_smile: