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Lower Back Injury- Somewhat Unusual


I've had some lower back pain for about 2.5 weeks now. I think I hurt it while training (it started after my squat day), but I never felt anything "snap" or "give" while I was training, it just started hurting one day. The pain is very specific, located just over my upper sacrum, only on the left. It doesn't spread anywhere, and it's a burning pain. The actual muscle in my lower back doesn't hurt.

It hurts most often when I'm sitting down, but I could also feel it sometimes when I extend my lower back.

Immediately after the injury, I stopped lifting for a few days and iced it. I tried lifting a few times after that (no deadlifts or squats), but I could really feel it when I tightened my back for overhead press, and when I reached up for the pull-up bar.

After that I went to the trainer at my school, and they told me to take a week off of lifting entirely, and to continue icing. I've done that now, and the pain remains. I'm going back to the trainer in the next few days, but I was wondering if anybody had any experience with pain in this area? I'd feel a lot better if I knew what I'd injured.


I had a similar issue, though mine was more centered on the spine, took about a month off, eased back into working out for about a month (push ups, pull ups, swimming, walking, etc.) and tried to do some box jumps, survived about 2, yes only 2, then couldn't walk for two days. Went to the Doc and had an MRI, bulging disc between L5 and S1, plus a host of other things that have thus far remained non issues. Remedy: still looking, its been about 6 months total and still have pain constantly, though I am able to do most things now (normal life, no lifting yet). I don't mean to scare you, but you asked if anyone had similar experience. Advice, take it very slow, if your not sure get advice, and see two Docs. My first insisted on surgery as the only option.


This is exactly what I have. Its been about 1 week since I last squatted and Im gonna give it another try soon.

Its odd because this pain was only a minor thing before cause I did deadlifts before squats and it didn't hinder my numbers in any way. But now its gotten worse. I havn't seen a doctor but I'v had a lot of rest which has helped.

How has your back turned out anyway


Slowly in Oct of last year I was squating over 350lbs, I know it's not a lot, don't laugh. Now its june and I have to psych myself up to try and break 150. Most of it is mental I know I can lift it, but I'm scared of hurting myself again, and get really nervous every time I lift.

One my therapists is a personal trainer and competes in a local bodybuilding circuit, so he understands my goals and needs. That has probably helped the most, the first therapists I saw told me if I squatted again I may lose my ability to walk. Seriously, this is the advice I got.

By the way I've been back to lifting for about 1 month now so this is really slow progress. Hopefully it is slow enough. I tried to do more bodyweight training for about a month but there is no substitue for lifting heavy things. I have had to changed my warmup though and now takes about 20 min. This is spent getting the blood flowing, dynamic stretching, bodyweight excersices, and lifts with just the bar.

I still have not tried any box jumps yet, my therapist is trying to talk me into trying them, but I'm hesitent, again probably mostly mental. Also, there is still discomfort, but limited pain. This occurs usually when my posture, lifting and not, is less than perfect at all times. Supermans have probably helped the most with this.
Sorry for the long response.