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Lower Back Injury/Pain

So I was lifting last week, and I was working on a new lift (hang clean). I moved up a fair bit, which may have been a bit soon, even though it felt fine at the time. The next day I moved up on my deadlifts as well, which is usual.

I did the cleans on Monday and the DLs on Tuesday, but on Thursday I went in and had some lower back pain. Disregarding it after talking to a friend about a similar experience he had, I directed some extra attention to warming up and stretching out my back the best I could, and then going back to hang cleans.

Friday I returned, and I had a much more noticeable back pain. I decided to not lift and do some intervals on the bike instead, along with some ab work and movement prep.

This whole weekend I’ve been taking care not to stress it, but it still noticably pains me now, not just when under stress. I read the recent article posted here about coping with lower back pain, and it suggested unilateral movements.

Basically, if you skipped all that, I’m looking for some unilateral movements or movements that will not stress the back that will ‘replace’: squat, deadlift, bent-over (pendlay) row, hang clean.

Also any tips to hasten recovery would be welcome, as I’m sure some others have experienced this.

If it would be best to lay off for a week, or however long, I will do so (though not happily, heh).

Lunge variations. Single leg deadlifts with DBs or a barbell. Glute ham raises might work. You’ll have to try a few out. DB rows and seated cable rows can replace the bent over rows.

I like walking lunges and reverse lunges a lot. My low back gets weird at times, I just it easy and do some front squats instead of back squats and foam rolling my upper back and around my hips.

Bench(chest)-supported DB row?

Yeah, my friend recommended trying barbell lunges. I wasn’t really what to do to temporarily replace cleans and DL with, though.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Don’t just stretch the back. Stretch the hips and hamstrings as well. Having them warm and loose is just as important.

Box Step ups, Pistol Squats, Psoas Marches

Pull ups for your back.

Foam Rolling.

[quote]sam_sneed wrote:
Don’t just stretch the back. Stretch the hips and hamstrings as well. Having them warm and loose is just as important.[/quote]

Ahhhhh! Don’t stretch your back at all. Mobility around the hips and thoracic spine and stability at the lumbar spine is what you want.