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Lower Back Injury - Losing My Mind


So Ive recently come down with a pretty nasty lower back injury. Hurting to walk, not being able to stand upright, hurts after sitting too long/standing too long. Pretty miserable in general.

Ive got really good rehab specialists and luckily it seems not to be spinal but more likely a muscle injury which can be rehabed. We're in week 2 of rehab and starting to narrow down the problem.

However, with any nasty muscle injury the rehab is going to take a long time. Based on the docs feeling how wrong the muscles in my lower back are I'm being told itll be at least 4-6 more weeks before I can even run again.

I'm slowly losing my mind by not being able to lift or do any form of physical activity in general.
Anyone here who has suffered with something semi long term like this have any advice in keeping yourself form bouncing of the walls?

I know this is a pretty vague question but its only been two weeks of rehab and I'm pumped full of pent up, frustrated energy by not being able to physically do anything.

Thanks for anyones help and time


Stick to your rehab plan, and make sure you're doing any homecare exercises they have. Can't really tell you specifics from the info you provided, but it sounds like you're being treated pretty conservatively. I would hope by week 2 you have a little more of a diagnosis than "narrowing down the problem" to muscle.

What muscle(s)? Obviously you don't want to do too much too soon, but does bodyweight activity irritate it? If no, start doing some squats/deads with a broomstick. Whatever you can train around the back injury, do so. Obviously that eliminates a lot of compound lifts, but have you given upper body or lower body lifts that don't utilize your back a try?


Are you sure it's a muscle? Have you or do you still have pain in either of your legs that almost feels like your leg is on fire? Numbness?


Weakness in one side of your leg may accompany any numbness.

Also, be thankful it's not spinal. I was in an accident last September, had surgery two weeks later and I was able to start jogging just last month. In the grand scheme of things, 6 weeks is nothing.


I understand going crazy I'm in month 6 of a back injury and am finally able to start over again, thats right start over. years down the toilet along with the 20lbs of muscle I've lost because of it. Last week I was finally able to pick up an empty barbell.


Obviously stick the rehab plan. But this a great opportunity to educate yourself about what injury is and how it may have happened, but more importantly how to fix it.

Did this happen bad to some poor mechanics during some of your movement patterns? If so, which ones? Do you have some inhibited or over active musculature?

Use this as an opporunity to get into more rehab type exercise so perhaps later you will know how to better avoid these set backs.


I can relate, after i got through 6 months of rehab, i suffered another brutal injury that set me back another 6 months essentialy