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Lower Back Injury! Help Needed!!

Hey guys,
So today I come back from a two week vacation and decided to continue the bodybuilder’s frontier workout routine by Chad Waterbury. Due to the fact my gym doesn’t have a f uckin squat rack, I had to use the smith machine for squats. I was doing some squats and suddenly on one rep, my lower back rounded, and OUCH.

What should I do to rehab my lower back? The pain is so severe I cant pick anything up from the floor. I don’t want to tell my parents though, because they were always telling me to stop weighlifting and this will be a great excuse for them to stop me.


Start by seeing a doctor so they, hopefully, can rule out disc herniation or something skeletal.

Rest and ice are your friends first and foremost - if you push things too far, too fast, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of lower back issues way earlier than anyone should.

After healing, you need to start working on your flexibility and strengthening your core (abs and lower back).

If you are in serious pain you need to see a doctor but yes, your parents will then try and prevent you from lifting. It’s a tough one but you don’t want to seriously hurt yourself. Even if you stop lifting now you can pick it back up later with a back that works.

If it was me (back when I was young) I would probably wait it out and see if the pain goes away to avoid telling my parents…that’s probably bad advice but I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

i had a similar situation before but i got hurt on deadlifts. i have reinjured it about 2 more times, and from my experience, with time it will heal up on its own. the pain was the worst the first couple of days right after the injury, and i had trouble reaching down to even flush the toilet. just to be safe, i think u should do dumbbell lunges in place of squats for at least a month and listen to your body when you start gradually working back into squats. make sure you try to keep your spine in a neutral position and squat down to pick things up. hope you get better soon.

Tell your parents that you hurt yourself taking out the trash. And then see a doctor.