Lower Back Injury and Pain

The other day I was doing deadlifts for reps and everything felt fine the next day I was in and pain and have been for a week now. I though the pain was my SI joints but I think it might be something else. The pain is down my left glute and also to the right of my spine. It hurts to sit. Movement is not limited. Some stiffness and minimal pain when bending. WonderinIg if anyone has had a similar injury. I’m planning on going to a chiropractor this week.

Yes. I had L4-L5 microdisc surgery in '96. Because of this I can’t do deads or squats. Those leg machines cause the same problems. The sore glute is your putting pressure on the lower back to the point that it inflamed the nerves. If you persist in activites that cause this as I did, you’ll not be able to walk nor do anything but lay flat on your back until you get surgery. When it comes to lower back/nerve issues pain is not your friend. It is a dire warning.

Insurance companies are cheap in this area and will try to give you hydrocortisone injections and send you home knowing this problem will return multiple times a year. They are pennies each.

Since those days what I can and can’t do it hit or miss. Squats or deads or leg machines are out. Lifting anything overhead or rows are out. I do hindu Squats, parallel bar dips, chin ups/pull ups, push ups, lat pull down, bench press/incline bench press. I know I am doing the wrong thing when by the end of the week of a new workout I get that sore glute and tap dancing nerves running down one or both legs. Again, when it comes to lower back/nerve issues pain is not your friend. It is a dire warning.

The pain is on and off. It’s not the worst pain I’ve had. It does not hurt with too mich movement. Mostly with sitting. Some when I squat to the floor.

This pain sounds all too familiar. I would urge you to adjust your workouts until you have no pain nor discomfort. I know squats and deads are sexy but so is going through life without a major back injury.

I amost forgot the best of the best back friendly workouts, Rings. They are absolutely brutal. Do a few sets of Inverted Rows, Ring Push Ups, and the hardest of all Ring Dips.