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Lower back hurts!


During my HIIT yesterday, my lower back started hurting so badly I couldnt finish. What usually causes pains like this? I have been doing large volumes of squats and deadlifts lately, do you think sloppy form could be blamed? I have also been doing bent-over rows for the first time in a while, is this an exercise known to screw up the lower back?



Sounds like tight hip extensors. What I recommend you do is stretch the hip extensors after leg or back day.

  1. Stretch 1: Lay flat on the floor. Form a 4 with your legs. Pull this 4 shape by the knees. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Reverse sides. You should feel the stretch in your lower back.

  2. Sit straight on a bench or chair. Be sure to maintain lower back arch throughout the stretch. Pull one of your knees towards your chest and hold for 30-45 secs and reverse ssides. Again, be sure to maintain your back straight and be sure to feel that stretch in your lower back.

If you're anything like most weightlifters at most gyms, you wont do these stretches. If it doesnt build mass or strength directly it's easily discarded. But aside from streching's many benefits, you'll avoid injury. Right now you get pain which prevents you from doing bentover rows/squats/deadlifts to the best of your ability. I strongly suspect you have tight hip extensors which need to be stretched.


Squatman, i recommend icing your back several times a day and also be really careful of your posture during the day. my lower back tends to bother me too, when i was horseback riding a lot it would cramp up on me so bad i couldn't bend at all. stretching and ice is all you can do. (not at the same time, LOL). you need to have the ice on there for at least 20 minutes and until the area goes numb. yes, it's painful at first... keep the ice on there. (use a towel or shirt though, don't put ice on skin directly). those blue gel ice things are perfect.

sorry i can't help you with your other questions though...i know i have to be really careful of my form on squats and dead lifts because of my back...

good luck from one bad back to another...


Diesel23, some great stuff you've been posting, there!