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lower back herniation and training legs

i haven’t been training legs consistently since every time i do my fn back always hurts. I have been going to physical therapy and that seemed to help a lot. I am now thinking of starting to train legs, but only do lunges, ext, and curls. I can’t squat, deadlift, leg press, etc since it puts pressure on my disc. Give me some suggestions on how to make a routine with just the lunges, ext, and curls. Thanks.

My back used to hurt when I first started doing squats, but it goes away after about 2-3 weeks then feels aight, as far as deadlifts at a weight I can easily handle they seem to help out my back and then my back feels great (then when I add the weight the back feels tight, same thing happens when I add weight to the squat, though that maybe DOMS). Speaking of which (DOMS) maybe that is what you are experiencing? Or maybe your back is weak in the first place thus it hurts? or you should drop the weight a bit (time to chose humility over pain here bro) and work your way up from the begining? or maybe even you are doing another excercise with bad form and hurting your back that way then when you squat/deadlift you are brining up that injury some more. I dunno… but hope some parts of this post help you out.