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Lower Back Health


Ive been experiencing lower back pain and once it goes away it gets re-aggrvated from squats or deadlifts. Its mostly painful when i sit down, and its a dull pain on the left side above my butt on what seems to be my tailbone.

So, what do you guys do to prevent low back pain, and what do you do once you have it?

FWIW i wear a belt when sqyatting, DLing, rowing and OH pressing


do you think you overarch your back on any of those movements?

that sounds similar to an issue I had (no guarantee obviously), and that was the cause. stretching (cat/camel type thing) and heating pad once or twice a day always helped it go away. i still do that every night actually as a preventative thing


sounds like something is going wrong with your lumbar arch. either you are hyper-extending or you aren't extending properly so it is in flexion. posting side-on vids of your squat and / or deadlift would probably be most helpful for form feedback.

check out Ripptoe's 'back position for power' article.


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Hi buddy.
I suffer from the same thing.

Lots of mobility work, including foam rolling. Special emphasis on ankle mobility, hip flexors and hamstrings and you should be fine.

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thanks guys.

@ BBB: That would make sense. My brother has/had SI Joint issues. What can I do? You said get a belt - what and where? Thanks for the time guys.


Well I read the OP and it felt as if I wrote this. I am experiencing this as well.

The pain used to be in my left but now has moved to my right, is there any real reason for this?


i get this aswell after dead lifts but i suspect its just due to my form deteriorating a bit with heavier weights or high volume. Personally i find just doing some foam rolling and stretching sorts it out pretty well. From what i've read its usually due to some of the deep thorasic muscles shortening due to improper form which then leads to inflamation and pain. I could very well be wrong though.


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im having issues right now with my lower back. PT determined its a iliopsoas/glute weakness issue. BBB, i read your post a few years ago regarding lengthening the psoas... im going to try that.

And no ones been able to give me a straight answer on this, but i have internal clicking when i raise, then lower my right leg, or even doing situp type movements. Would you have ANY IDEA what this is?

Thanks for your time.


BBB, could you post a link to a decently priced sacral belt? I searched google and there seem to be quite a few, and I'm not sure which ones are decent...

And you said to where it when I'm NOT in pain?

Thanks for the help!


Man I've had this intense pain for almost a year and a half. GOt an MRI and the doc said I had bulging disc in L/5 and S/1 and somewhere else in my middle back. Still cant lift and stay in pain when set down or even bend at the waste in the slightest.

If i were you, i would go to a doctor ASAP.


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Hey Mr BBB,
Regarding when a chiro adjusts the SI joint; is that the one where the patient lies on his side and moves his outer leg knee towards his chest and the chiro applies pressure down on that leg to try adjust/crack something in the lower back?

I hope my question makes sense.

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