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Lower Back/Glute Injury


I'm pissed. I felt a tweak in my lower back doing deadlifts last week. Now, I'm unable to do just about anything. What hurts most is a realitively small area in my right buttock (pretty high and toward the tailbone). When I try to touch my toes, the pain radiates down my left leg. I've been going to the chiropractor for the past week, but it really hasn't gotten any better.

Anyone have a similar injury? How long can I expect the recovery to be?



Correction...the pain radiates down my RIGHT leg.


I've had a similar injury a few times before either doing squats or deads. I tweaked the same area near the tailbone with the only difference being I didn't feel pain all the way down my leg. What helped me was just staying away from movements or lifts that would aggravate it for a week or two. I would do leg press instead of squats. Leg curls instead of deads. Etc. Lots of Advil too.


Yeah that happened me too about 2/3 weeks ago now.

I was deadlifting and i felt a small pop in my lower back. It wasn't too sore, just sorta stiffened up over the new couple of days. I thought it was grand after a bit of stretching, went through a lightish back and leg workout and it still felt ok.

Then, while i was leaning over a chair and using a mouse something shifted and there was like a stabbing pain in my back.

Went to a doc to get it checked out, he said something about a small bone at the bottom of one of the vertebraes popping out of place and sitting on top of some nerves on top of my pelvic bone....

He referred me to the physio for a lot of our national level athletes, he did a few tests (o/h squat in particular) and said that it was caused by my right hip flexor firing ahead of my glute and this imblance caused a twisting in my spine as I deadlifted. And that's what caused the injury..

So maybe do some single leg work...??

I'm doing single leg good mornings, single leg bridging and a lot of core work. Also flexibility drills to and get a better ROM in my hips.

Hope this helps....