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Lower Back Gets Stiff After Walking

Hey I’ve been having problems with my lower back for awhile now, and I think it might be due to deadlifting. I’ve been having problems with my lower back the day i started deadlifting a couple years ago. While I don’t get that sharp stabbing pain that tends to happen because of poor form, I do have to deal with my lower back getting tight from time to time whenever i walk around for awhile. I just want to know if anyone else experiences the same problem as me, since I doubt my form is bad because whenever i deadlift i get a strong pump in my lower back but not really that strained painful feeling. Should I be wearing a belt when doing higher rep work in deadlifts/squats?

Your form sucks. Sorry, has to be said. You get strong from doing proper deadlifts and squats. The only time it hurts is when I do it wrong.

Keep reps low. 3-5. Do supporting work (Hypers, crunches, etc) in the higher range (10-12). Stretch.

Check your hip mobility.

And also, you have been hurting for two years and decided all of a sudden “Hey, I’ll post here?”. Go see a professional. Chiro/ART, doctor, etc.