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Lower Back Feels Tense and Stiff


Was hoping for some advice, my lower back just doesn't seem strong like it used to be. It's not necessarily in pain, but when I squat its gets so stiff i usually am not able to continue.

I don't think it's a form issue either, I've been lifting for close to 5 years and I am able to tolerate huge volumes; I used to squat and deadlift on the same day. Now after only 1 working set of deadlift or squat my lower back stiffs up and will feel like I worked out for 3 hrs. It's not pain though just real tense.


I'd just be sure to do a proper warm up and foam-roll/stretch it out after.


does it feel like your lumbar erectors are sort of cramping up?

are you perhaps holding your arch a little too tight? ripptoe has stuff on how some people (relatively rare for guys, but you find them) actually hold their arch a little too tight when they think they are holding it perfect and that this can result in problems.

without a vid... we will never know.


same thing happened again....after one working set of squats lowerback felt tired. Next morning my legs we not sore at all only lower back...the doms kick in right away if I deadlift or squat... just major soreness.


Idk but sounds like you may need to increase muscular endurance of your lower back,and not worry so much about stretching, are you doing anything to address muscular endurance?


Hey guys just wanted to post this just in case this happens to anyone else. What happened to me was I somehow tweaked my back causing my pelvis to twist up on one side. My lower back felt weak and i instantly lost strength on my lifts the next week and couldn't figure it out.

Check this video out also it was helpful in addressing my problem....stay safe and happy lifting everyone.


Thanks for the video.

I will be trying this myself in the next few days once my back settles a litre.