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Lower Back Feels Better After Deadlifts

I’m not exactly sure what the pain is but I always have a pain between the top of my left illiac and the top of my gluteus minimus. Sometimes it hurts worse if I bend over to grab something and sometimes I just feel it when I’m sitting for long periods of time.

When I do deadlift though I don’t feel it much or at all until I stop deadlifting for a week or so. Wondering if you guys have any opinions about this. Normally I would of thought deads would aggrevate a lower back problem.

Hey you’re not alone in this: I have splondylilothesis (or something like that) in my lower back which has caused lower back pain for 7+ years.

I just started getting into training this year, after being told I shouldn’t do it from one particular surgeon. But to my surprise my back hurts way less, sometimes not at all, from doing dead lifts.

I also do other stabilizing/core exercises too but dead lifts immediately helped the problem.

weird huh.

Squats and DLs for me

Have had sciatica both legs among other symptoms

figure its because they force the proper coordination/activation (and also strengthening) in all of the back/core/hips/glutes

Doesn’t work for everyone though for a number of reasons I can think of

But if pain free its good (IMO)

Yeah i agree Bruce - i think i’m using my back muscles in ways they haven’t been stimulated in ages, and the mental necessity of recalibrating these has helped posture and coordination.

It’s really such a blessing, cos if I’d followed surgeons advice I’d be a bigfatbastard - or worse, skinny little guy with beergut. thank god for squats and dls