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Lower Back Fatigues First in DL

When doing deadlifts my lower back seems to get very very tired. Is that I sign that I’m not doing it right? My back does not hurt after I do them, it is just a good muscel burn, I guess you could say. Should my hamstrings be working more? Also I just started dead lifting.

What the F is your avatar?


Yea ok wth is your avatar. God, -runs to epic picture thread-

got a video?

my lower back gets worked a lot as well, especially when I don’t use a belt - I suggest adding more back and ab work

but yeah, that seems about right to have a lot of fatigue

*that’s a meniscus or some other tear you had right?

Torn anterior crucial ligament (ACL). Close enough TheDude.

You just started dead lifting and you wonder why your back is fatigued?


Squeeze your glutes and pop your hips through on the lift, that will activate your ham/glute/posterior chain.

The Dude is right…

remember to keep the bar close to your shins and thighs. I rip skin off everytime I pull singles, feeble as they may be.

If you start with your butt high enough you dont rip your shins. Works more hammies that way so if you arent used to it, it will be weaker.