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Lower Back F-d Up. How to Heal?

Hello everyone, im a new user.Im fond of bodybuilding and i keep at it as much as I can, but i have a problem.The problem is that one of my spinal discs is out of place and the doctors dont do anything about it except for operation.

Now im wondering if there is a way to get it back in its place or risk with the surgery… I want to deadlift and squat again but now i can only work out at home with dumbbells.I hate it and want to get back to heavy lifts, so any ideas are welcome.

I hope you feel better if you can describe your pain in more detail that would also help.

Its a constant pain and it usually goes away by nighttime.Its stronger in the mornings.When i touch my spine i feel that one of the discs is a bit towards the abdominal region(its ot of place).I still try to work out and i have like 60 lbs dumbbell or sumthn like that which I use to do upper body,since lower body and dumbbells arent for me.

After my workouts it feels like I never had back pain and it stays like that for that day but it starts to hurt next morning.I am at the moment doing core excersies (been doing them from march or sumthn like that)I have had the pain… well a year now (it was last october when it started).If u need anything more specifical let me know.

We need an injury forum (x2 now).

If it’s not in the articles JacobSon posted, I don’t know where to look, aside from asking Cressey or Robertson in their locker rooms (scroll up to forums, click on ‘authors locker rooms’ find the one by Eric Cressey or Mark Robertson, post your question and pray they see it and respond to it) or find the ‘Trainers Talking Shop’ thread in the Get A Life forum (use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, type in ‘trainers talking shop’, hit enter, and it should be one of the first few threads that pop up), find a trainer who looks intelligent and PM them (click on their profile picture or name, scroll down until you see the option to ‘PM’. It’s short for Private Message). Explain your problem to them and maybe they’ll have something intelligent to say about it.

Good luck.

Well hows the pain if you sit vs standing, or lying down on your back vs your stomach, pain if you straighten out your back vs rounded over, a good place to start is to figure out if the pain is extension based vs flexion, I am pretty sure yours is flexion based that you feel your disc is towards the abdominal region. I am no expert but the first 3 articles I posted helped a lot with my flexion based back pain but I am also sure there’s good advice for extension based back pain.

by the way it seems that it hurts more in the contraction.Also when i do crunches i can hear my spine discs crack like sometimes your joints make that cracking sound, well i hear that in my back, although it doesnt hurt at all.

I went to that MRI or sumthn like that and they said that i had a disc out of place, but they dont know how to fix it.I though of going to a chiropractist but they arent actually qualified medics so im kinda in doubt now.there is no difference whether im sitting or standing, but when im in bed lying then when i try to press my hips forward it cracks again.I am afraid that if i keep cracking the discs like that then maybe theyll brake someday and ill end up in a wheelchair :S thats the biggest fear at the moment, but the hard part is that i am even dreaming how i deadlift and do heavy squats again at the gym :slight_smile:

Give a chiro a try preferably A.R.T. certified also, a good one can work wonders

could you please specify the A.R.T certified ? I live in Estonia lol and i think we may have only 2 chiros here who may be certified like that.

ART is Active Release Technique therapy its like a form of physiotherapy and myofacial release. If a therapist has it they should really know their stuff. While preferable I would not worry if you can’t find one in Estonia -first and foremost I would recommend finding a good local chiropractor and get some spine adjustments(or whatever they advise)

Also ask some questions to Eric Cressey as mentioned above or Tony Gentilcore in his locker room and read as many of their articles as possible, they are very knowledgable on injuries like this.

Whatever you do dont even consider surgery until you’ve exhausted all the options.

i went to the doctors yesterday and got my results on MRI and XRAY.She also said that im the only one of her patients who does something to heal his back :smiley: . Ill post the results later as at the moment im late for school.Anyway I DIDNT have disc bulge or whatever its called.Even the (i dont know that in english so ill say in latin if you understand)discus intervertebralis was in one piece so none of the spine fluid came out and it isnt pinching on a nerv too, so thats all good it means that nothings shattered :slight_smile: