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Lower Back Exercises


What recommendations do you have for lower back? I like back extentions while holding a 35lbs plate and good mornings. I'm trying to target my lower back and sides. Any suggestions would help.




and Side Deadlifts with a barbell, this will target your abdominals too (mostly obliques)




Back extensions and good mornings are all I do for lower back, it seems to work well. I don't like deadlifts, but they do work the lower back. For the sides I like windmills and slow roundhouse/sidekicks above waist level (one or the other, no need to do both).


GM's, back exts., 45 degree back exts., pull throughs, RDLs, SLDLs, deadlifts, snatchs, cleans, squats, one-hand deadlifts, kettlebells, reverse hypers, seated GMs, med ball throws, dumbbell side bends.

Sorry, that's all I could think of...are you serious.


Thanks for the tips and the sarcasm.



deadlifts, back squats, overhead squats.


I think back extentions and good mornings are good things to have in your program. I find that my lower back starts to hurt when squatting and deadlifting if I'm also not doing some direct work.




I'm sorry but I never feel anything in my back when I do deads,I like good mornings though,I don't like doing back extensions because i always feel like I'm gonna fall


What do you guys think about the Snatch Grip Deadlift for the lower back and such?