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Lower back cramps

I’ve posted about this problem before, but have never recieved any useful advice. My problem is that I get a tremendous cramp in my lower back whenever I use creatine or a steroid that causes bloating. This cramp in my lower back can be quite annoying and sometimes causes me to cut my workouts short. I get it most when doing either squats or bent-over rows. I know it’s not my kidneys becase it only bothers me when I do those exercises, and it goes away if I lie flat on the floor.

There was actually a pretty good thread about this topic at the Ice Dog forum.

I know Joel, MBE, John Roman and Christian all participated, but I forget the name of the post. I think it was about 2 months ago or so. You might want to hit up one of those guys for a link to that thread as I think it dealt with the issue of lower back cramping due to androgen use.

T-Bone, I’ve wondered about this with trenbolone. I am beginning to think that what people think is their kidneys acheing is really their lower back cramping. But, I think it may be caused because you are dehydrated. Muscle cramping often happens because of dehydration, and in fact is one of the signs of dehydration. Both creatine and mainy steroids cause almost every cell in the body to consume more water or hydrate leaving less free water avalible when it is needed. This can actually end up in kidney failure if it isn’t taken care of properly. It makes me think that anicdotle evidence of kidney damage from tren and creatine are because of dehydration and the early signs are muscle cramping. You may ask why the lower back only then? I think it is because the lower back is under a tremedous amount of stress, compared to almost every other muscle group, just maintaining posture. This means that it would be the canary in the coal mine when it comes to being dehydrated.

Dehydration doesn’t cause renal failure, and renal failure doesn’t cause “aching kidneys.”

Good lord…

“… decreased blood flow and associated dehydration…”, “…unrinary tract obstruction due to kidney stones, possibly enlarged prostate…”, “…flank pain often means kideny trouble but not always…” DocT So I’m not a Doc. You could see how one would associate these things though. Why don’t you give him some suggestions? I could see how the steroid or prohormone would just cause greater tention in the muscle and there for his lower back pain. What about the creatine? Their use together? I’ve never heard of creatine alone causeing back pain… but causeing dehydration most definately. I’ve also observed steroid use that causes the user to ignore tell tale signs of injury. Help us out here. You mean to tell me that dehydration does’t cause damage to basically all organs? Wouldn’t the kidneys be the first to suffer? What about stones because of dehydration?